SGBV Prosecution Expert, UNMISS South Sudan



NORCAP solves key challenges in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors, in order to better protect vulnerable people’s lives and rights. We build partnerships and projects with national and international organisations and stakeholders. Skilled NORCAP experts contribute to developing partners’ capacity – to identify and address challenges, improve collaboration and encourage new and innovative approaches.

NORCAP is part of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Norway has gained a unique position in South Sudan due to its longstanding efforts to improve conditions for the population, and the role it played in the peace process with Sudan from the early 2000s until South Sudan’s declaration of independence in 2011. The Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs funds NORCAP as a global provider of expertise to the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors. NORCAP builds partnerships with international organisations and national actors to protect lives, rights and livelihoods. South Sudan has been one of the largest receiving countries of NORCAP experts over the last few years. After the outbreak of the civil war in 2013, NORCAP has supported the peace process by providing expertise to the two monitoring mechanisms that oversee the implementation of the peace agreement, the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission and the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism. 

Please note that you must be a Norwegian Citizen to be eligible to apply.

Application procedures and CV registration: Kindly submit your CV and application in English and include your full name as written in your passport. It is expected that you build a CV in our recruitment system by completing your personal information, education, professional work history, language skills, and other relevant sections in the fields available. Attached CV's will not be reviewed.

Main tasks:

  1. Support national authorities with development and implementation of strategies to ensure the effective investigation and prosecution of serious crimes, with emphasis on sexual violence
  2. Provide technical assistance and advice to prosecutors and investigators on methods and techniques employed during all phases of the prosecution process
  3. Assist in the development and application of standard operating procedures, investigation and prosecution guidelines and checklists, briefs and other documents for national prosecutors and investigators
  4. Advise national prosecutors in the recording, documenting, and filing of priority cases prosecuted with UNMISS support
  5. Facilitate strategic and day-to-day coordination and activities with other UNMISS components
  6. Coordinate and undertake administrative and logistical preparation for mobile court deployments across South Sudan
  7. Perform other functions as assigned by the Director of UNMISS.

Core Competencies:  

  • Extensive knowledge of investigation and prosecution strategies, standards and processes
  • Extensive knowledge of judicial and legal system issues, including knowledge of criminal law and relevant international human rights standards
  • Demonstrated ability to prosecute or adjudicate complex criminal cases.
  • Ability to stay calm in stressful situations
  • Ability to take responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives, and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work
  • Proven communication skills
  • Proven interpersonal skills and ability to listen and work in a multi-cultural environment.


  • Advanced university degree (master's or equivalent) in law, or alternatively, a combination of a first-level university degree and proven experience working as a prosecutor in cases of serious violent crimes, including sexual violence.


  • At least five years of experience as a Prosecutor, Judge, Legal Adviser, Lawyer in a national justice system, international organisation or an international or mixed criminal tribunal
  • Experience in cases of serious violent crimes, including sexual violence

Languages: Fluency in English is required, knowledge of Arabic is desirable

Other skills: Driving licence and ability to drive a 4x4 vehicle are required.